Dr Puja Raja

Associate Psychological Counselor, Care IVF, KOLKATA, LANSDOWNE

Ms Puja Raja is a senior counsellor currently heading the department at Care IVF Kolkata. She has extensive experience in easing the journey of more than 1000 infertile couples over the last 10 years. She has post graduate degree in Couselling from the prestigious Sharon N Convington and Hafkin and Associates. She is also a member the elite IICO International infertility counselling organization as a part of Indian representation.
She has helped clients internationally as well through her association by being a member of BICA (British infertility counselling organization). Her in-depth knowledge of the physiological aspects of fertility and the intricacies of fertility treatment help her becoming the perfect bridge between the clinician and the client. Her keen interest and expertise in psychology helps in individualizing the mode of approach.