10 Steps to Successful IUI and Luteal Phase Support in IUI

Contrary to popular belief, IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a powerful tool - learn how to use it effectively !!

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IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a simple, effective and low cost treatment especially when compared to IVF. It has been around for decades yet there is a lot of negativity which surrounds the treatment. Many believe that the treatment does not work. We believe that a gun is only as good as the hand that holds it. If you dont know how to use the gun, even the best of guns will fail you. IUI is not merely the insemination of a processed semen sample inside the uterus. There is a lot of ground work to be done and that starts with choosing the right patient, working up with the right investigations, performing an adequate stimulation, using correct and effective techniques to prepare the semen sample and finally atraumatically placing the sperms inside the uterus. There is a method to the madness we say !!! This course arms you with that right knowledge wherein you too can achieve excellent success with your artificial insemination treatment.

Course Beneficiaries
  • Post Graduate trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologists Infertility specialists
  • What makes IUI or Intrauterine Insemination popular ?
  • What are the average pregnancy rates with IUI ?
  • Who is an Ideal couple to get IUI done ?
  • What is the minimum post wash sperm count and morphology needed for IUI to be successful ?
  • Oral ovulogens alone (and which one?) or with Pituitary Fertility Hormones for better IUI success ?
  • How many follicles should you try and create for optimum success ?
  • How do you decide when to give trigger in an IUI cycle? is size alone good enough ?
  • What is the best method of semen preparation ?
  • Single of Double IUI ?
  • Does IUI need Luteal Phase support ?
  • MBBS

  • Introduction and Defining the Ideal Couple

  • Stimulation, Downregulation and Trigger

  • Does the endometrial thickness matter in IUI? What is the correct timing of Insemination? What is the best semen preparation method and lastly correct technique of performing IUI?

  • What is the role of Progesterone? What is Luteal phase defect ? Who needs luteal support?

  • What are the various kinds of Luteal phase support available and how and when to use them?

  • ₹5,000
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