Basics of ART

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Assisted reproductive Technology is rapidly becoming a main stream management option not only for many infertile patients but also as means of fertility preservation for social and medical causes. This courses is the perfect overview of what ART offers and discusses the Indications, Pre-procedure evaluation and various steps involved in the process of ART

Course Beneficiaries
  • Post Graduate trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologists Infertility specialists
  • Introduction to the importance of ART
  • Indication for ART - Male Factor / Female Factor / Emerging
  • Pre ART evaluation
  • Various Steps of ART
  • Choosing between IVF and ICSI
  • MBBS

  • Introduction

  • Indication for ART

  • Pre ART Evaluation

  • Steps of ART

  • IVF vs ICSI
  • ₹3,500
  • ₹1,000
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