Follicular Monitoring

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Whether you are supervising a natural cycle, or performing an Intrauterine Insemination cycle or stimulating the ovaries for an IVF cycle, follicular monitoring is an essential part of your treatment. A simple test no doubt, yet some centers perform it incorrectly. Some are still confused as to how to measure the follicle size.

  • Is size alone important or does Doppler matter too ?
  • How to decide when to trigger ovulation?
  • Will it differ if we give oral ovulogens as compared to pituitary fertility hormones?
  • Will it differ in IUI vs IVF ?
  • How to orient yourself while actually performing the scan?
  • How to differentiate right from left side of the pelvis ?
  • How to identify the uterus and ovaries ?

Answers to these and many more such questions when you click to enroll.

Course Beneficiaries
  • Post Graduate trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologists Infertility specialists
  • Why should one do follicular monitoring?
  • When should the monitoring be done?
  • How should the follicular study be done ?
  • What is the importance of a baseline or Day 2 scan?
  • How does Doppler help in deciding ovulation trigger time?
  • Features of ovulation on ultrasound?
  • Uterine receptivity evaluation
  • Evaluation of corpus luteum
  • MBBS

  • Introduction

  • Learn the Why, How and When of doing Follicular scans. Also the importance of a baseline scan and what are the various components of that scan.

  • How and when to monitor the follicle growth based on whether the patient is on oral tablets or injections? How to use doppler for better results? How to assess endometrial receptivity?

  • Learn the various features of Ovulation as well as assessment of the corpus luteum and endometrium

  • Doctors will learn how to identify the uterus, right and left ovary, pelvic vessels and how to perform a follicular study including Doppler Study.

  • How to perform Follicular Measurment
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