Genetics of Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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This course would enable you to get introduced to the genetics associated with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. The various factors related to biochemistry, physiology and genetics of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss have been explained . It discusses about several algorithms used to evaluate infertility and also provide guidance in clinical decision making towards various assisted reproductive techniques like IUI and IVF. This module gives a snapshot view of the possibilities of underlying genetic etiologies that are associated with Infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. It introduces the concept of male and female genetic factors and also highlights on the management strategies. This section, additionally discusses on the different aspects and guidelines that are present to offer diagnosis for recurrent pregnancy loss and delineates the management strategies.

Course Beneficiaries
  • Post Graduate trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologists Infertility specialists
  • Infertility : Male Factors
  • An algorithm to evaluate non-obstructive azoospermia
  • Concept on Y- chromosome microdeletion
  • Choosing when to recommend IUI or IVF based on genetic factors
  • Infertility : female factors
  • The genes regulating the hypothalamus- pituitary- gonandal axis.
  • Common Chromosomal and Genetic factors related to infertility
  • What is Recurrent pregnancy Loss ( RPL)
  • When to evaluate a couple for RPL
  • What to investigate for RPL
  • Role of inherited thrombophilia in RPL
  • Role of chromosomal structural or numerical aberration in RPL
  • Role of cytokines in RPL
  • Role of monogenic variants associated with RPL
  • MBBS

  • Genetics of Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
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