Introduction to Genetics

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This module gives a brief introduction to genetics and genomics and its application in Gynaecological practice. It illustrates the chronicles of evolution of genetics in the medical field and highlights why it is an essential aspect of management of the clinical manifestations observed. It introduces genes, the concept of genotype and phenotype, discusses on risk calculations while highlighting in the various inheritance. Patterns and the several deviations observed. Significantly it also introduces to the various available genetic molecular diagnostic tools explaining about the requirement of such tests in appropriate conditions in order to provide a more personalized clinical support to the patients. ion of your course. Keep it clear and interesting for your learners.

Course Beneficiaries
  • Post Graduate trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologists Infertility specialists
  • Why Medical Genetics is important
  • Basic concept of DNA, Chromosomes, Gene and Genomes
  • Concept of allele, locus, allele frequency
  • Concept of Genotype and Phenotype
  • Types of chromosomal and allelic variation
  • Mendelian Inheritance Patterns
  • Non Mendelian Inheritance Patterns
  • Risk Assessment
  • Basic concept of Genetic Diagnostics
  • When to order what diagnostic test
  • Concept of Karyotype, chromosomal aneuploidy
  • Concept on Uniparental Disomy
  • Basic diagnostic techniques – Chromosomal microarray, MLPA
  • Brief description on different Next generation sequencing workflow
  • MBBS

  • What is Medical or Clinical Genetics

  • Central Dogma of Life

  • Concept of Allele Frequency

  • Inheritance Patterns

  • Genetic Diagnosis
  • ₹1,500
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