Oral Ovulogens and Pituitary Fertility Hormones in Ovulation Induction

The very basics of fertility - explained in great details and depth

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Ovulation Induction forms the basic foundation on which all active fertility managements are built, whether its Timely Intercourse, Intra Uterine Insemination or Invitro Fertilization.

  • How does one oral ovulogen differ from another and how does one decide which one to use?
  • Where should one use injections ?
  • What are the various injectable forms available ?
  • What decides the aggressiveness of the stimulation protocol - age ?
  • Body mass index ?
  • Modality of treatment ?
  • What are the risk factors involved and how does one monitor the patient ?

Understand your Basics - Build a strong Foundation !!

Course Beneficiaries
  • Post Graduate trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gynaecologists Infertility specialists
  • Commonly used Oral Ovulogens, their biological nature, mechanism of action, dosage, side effects and where one scores over the other.
  • Concept of FSH threshold and FSH window.
  • Various Gonadotropin formulations available and their differences.
  • Concept of LH ceiling effect and how to use this knowledge during ovarian stimulation.
  • Various ways in which pituitary fertility hormones are used for stimulation.
  • MBBS Degree

  • You will learn about various commonly used forms of Oral Ovulogens and their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Oral Ovulogens Part 1
  • Oral Ovulogens Part 2
  • Oral Ovulogens Part 3

  • You will learn about various kinds of gonadotropin formulations and what differentiates one from another. You will learn about where to use each particular gonadotropin and in what doses.

  • Pituitary Fertility Hormones Part 1
  • Pituitary Fertility Hormones Part 2
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  • ₹1,000
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